Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gratuitous Self-promotion #2

To queerfictioneer (hi) and anybody else who might be interested: Loose Lips, the UTS anthology featuring my story Nadir, can be found in all good rubbish bi - BOOKSHOPS! Abbey's, the Co-Op, Gleebooks, Berkelouw and Ariel are bookshops in Sydney that have sold it before and may still be able to order it in.

Dexter Hannon's Guide to Auto-Maintenance, the other short story anthology in which one of my stories, His Bedroom, is published, is a bit trickier to track down but check out the publisher's website and follow the "Books" link.

I thought about putting my creative stuff onto the site but I'm pretty nervous about net pirating, copyright etc. More than happy to email stories to people who ask, however. Cheers.


At 21/2/05 2:15 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

You're wise to protect your rights. My ex won a short story competition at Uni. A couple of years later someone changed the names - to our real names - and stold it to Penthouse.

Not nice.


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