Tuesday, February 15, 2005

On a lighter note #2

Couple of things that cheered me up. Firstly, the closing of the gap between ALP under Beazley and the Libs. I think the Herald, bless its heart, is getting a little carried away with enthusiasm in its summary of their latest poll - a honeymoon period of increased support for the opposition under a new leader is fairly mandatory, I would have thought - but it's encouraging. Whether it's sustainable remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, North Sydney council is going after the 4WDs (funny how now that looks so much like WMDs. And how they kinda are WMDs). Hopefully Woollahra council will follow suit - I imagine it's the only council in Sydney that per capita has more 4WDs than North Sydney - and my little (and currently inoperative) Marty Mazda 1984 323 won't get so scared and tremble as we approach the Double Bay shopping centre car park. Not to mention all those small children who might now - you know - not get killed.


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