Monday, October 10, 2005

Random Politics Test

No big surprise I guess. I don 't know that I care for being labelled a "Democrat", but it is a US test after all.

You are a

Social Liberal
(61% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(26% permissive)

You are best described as a:


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Meanwhile: avoid Gloria Jean's like the plague. Which I already do anyway - and resent their recent presence in my neighbourhood (namely the Edgecliff shopping centre). There it goes...

Ain't capitalism grand? You get to help fund anti-queer fundamentalist evangelicism AND set up two of your styrofoam coffee mini-empires on Sydney's two gayest streets.


At 10/10/05 11:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad religion and bad coffee go well together. Stay away from Starbucks too, that stuff really will kill you.

My coffee is made for me by a sweet young thing that unfortunately qualifies as jail-bait. *drools*

Why didn't you come out as anarchist? JT

At 10/10/05 11:29 am, Anonymous maddy said...

I'm about as far to the 'right' as you on the 'Socially Permissive' scale but on the other side of the line for 'Economic Liberal'. In other words I don't think you should worry so much about that coffee at Gloria Jeans (unless you don't like their coffee of course). Edgecliff is about to become my new 'local' - if I see you there (I remember your old pic) I might come up and say hi :)

At 10/10/05 12:05 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Make sure you do Maddy. Obviously you won't be seeing me at the GJ's there but I have been known to make repeated cameos at the Coles' dairy and produce sections, the dry-cleaners, the bottlo and the Video Ezy.

What a tremendously exciting life I lead.

JT: Not sure - perhaps because I put "agree" to the protesters cause more harm than good prop? Which isn't to say I disgree with protests - I've just seen too many times how counter-productive and how aggro professional protesters can sometimes be.

Perhaps deep down I'm a closet fascist after all...

At 10/10/05 2:49 pm, Anonymous Aaron Hewett said...

At least it's better than being a "Socialist" by this test, which is what it labelled me.

Someone should put together an Australian one if there isn't one already.

At 10/10/05 3:04 pm, Blogger mikey said...

I've never had Gloria Jeans, always knew they were Hill$ong affiliated too. Apparantly many franchisees won't hire you unless you attend a born-again church.

Woolworths is also another company with AOG links and they're moving their corporate headquarters to Baulkum Hills. There's something fishy going on there.

At 10/10/05 3:16 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Yes I believe that unfortunate-looking bald chap with the speech impediment who's CEO of Woolie's is big on the JC love.

Still, if there as many fags working in an average Woolie's store as there were when I was a check-out chick there many years ago, we're clearly winning the battle.

At 11/10/05 8:26 am, Anonymous Harley said...

I can't say I like the idea being proposed to boycott any and all religiously owned, operated or loosely supported companies. Worse still is that own a specific branch of one religion is targeted. In a free market economy this is our choice, but there is a whole vocabulary for this concept: persecution, vilification, prejudice. This group already has a persecution/victim complex - albeit 2000 years out of date.

However, if one feels the need to continue this pre-school round of name-calling and "you're not my friend anymore" volleying, in perhaps revenge for the near-continuous boycott of Disney's alleged complicity in the homosexual lifestyle, then feel free.

Or you could do what I do: boycott coffee from any establishment just because it's bad for you :-)

PS. Welcome to OKCupid. Now you too can view the profiles of the same individuals found on Friendster, Orkut, Gaydar and every other social-networking/dating service. Techology; is there anything it can't do?!

At 11/10/05 9:13 am, Blogger Sam said...

OK then, how about we keep it simple: No patronage at any establishment founded by current Hillsong members?

At 12/10/05 11:22 am, Blogger JahTeh said...

"Coffee is bad for you." Is this our Harley who eats enough donuts to harden arteries, ingests enough sugar to bring on Diabetes and pickles his liver with liquor? Who also lets his Pikachu play with empty vodka bottles. Do you know what broken glass can do to a plushie paw? :)

At 18/10/05 7:07 pm, Anonymous Stacy said...

I boycott Gloria Jeans because their coffee sucks. Yes, it's a hillsong chain and has been since the beginning, as many of us Surry Hills business-watchers have always known. But all of this hand-wringing about the so-called homophobes running the Oxford St store is naive and silly. I work in about the gayest business in the strip and have known the GJ's owner in both my current employment and the previous (straight)one. He's about as much of a homophobe as you, Sam. Does he really deserve to be hung out to dry in SX without getting a right of reply?

At 18/10/05 9:14 pm, Blogger Sam said...

He always has a right of reply in the SX Letters section, Stacy. The editors might even give him some column space to defend himself. That's not my call to make.

Personally, nothing will change my mind that Hillsong and its affiliates are utterly irreconciable with queer sexuality.

At 20/10/05 9:05 am, Anonymous Stacy said...

A right of reply should be offered in the first instance, as any first year journalism student learns. Sorry Sam, my criticism is not really of you.


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