Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Does anybody else find these statistics as read into yesterday's Senate Hansard a little concerning?

Table 7: Funding to non-government organisations under the Family Planning Program, 2004-2005 (estimated)

Non-Government Organisations 2004-05

Sexual Health and Family Planning Australia $100,165
Working Women’s Health $113,867
Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church $918,826
Australian Federation of Pregnancy Support Services $245,580

TOTAL (GST exclusive) $1,378,438

a/ Since when has the RCC ever advocated family planning, and

b/ Why are they getting nearly twice the funding of those that do combined ?

Unless I'm missing something, and this "Australian Episcopal Conference" is actually the one branch of Catholicism that doesn't condemn to Hell all women who choose or are required to terminate their pregnancies?


At 5/10/05 3:12 pm, Blogger Ron said...

I found this on the Net, Sam:

"The Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church is funded to provide natural family planning counselling for the purpose of achieving or avoiding pregnancy. The Australian Federation of Pregnancy Support Services is funded to provide independent non-directive counselling for unplanned pregnancy. Family Planning Organisations funded under the national family planning program also provide independent non-directive counselling for unplanned pregnancy.
In 2003-04, the Australian Government provided direct funding of $900,810 to the Australian Episcopal Conference of the Roman Catholic Church."f

At 6/10/05 12:19 am, Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

The Australian Episcopal Conference is a collection of Catholic Bishops in Australia. It's also known as the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. It is not a 'branch' of anything and natural family planning is licit under orthodox Catholic teaching. We get the most funding because we run the vast majority of programmes. Indeed, compared with actual outlay of resources, the government funding provided to Catholic planners is paltry. Compare the amount of taxpayer money lavished on abortionists.

At 6/10/05 12:21 am, Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

Really, by the way you write, you'd think the Catholic Church was actually a tool of the hateful right, rather than an independent, humane and vastly complex body of thought.

At 6/10/05 9:17 am, Blogger Sam said...

How did I know this posting would get a reply from the Dreadster :-)

I have issues with the RCC hierarchy John - particularly as somebody with several close family members who've suffered tremendous abuse at its hand without an acknowledgement or apology - but I do agree that it is an independent and vastly complex body of thought (we'll have to agree to disgree on "humane").

None of that, however, diminishes the fact that official Catholic policy - and one of which you're a particularly strong proponent - is to oppose abortion in any and all forms. Given this bias, I believe it's totally unreasonable to receive such a disproportionate amount of government funding.

At 6/10/05 3:02 pm, Blogger mikey said...

Really, by the way you write, you'd think the Catholic Church was actually a tool of the hateful right, rather than an independent, humane and vastly complex body of thought.

Nah, just thought they were an irrelevant joke that used to kidnap Jewish infants for blowjobs.

At 6/10/05 9:03 pm, Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

I can't speak for your relatives; but if they've suffered such horrors, I am genuinely sorry. Any Catholic worth his salt would deal very harshly with a paedophile.

Abortion is hateful, I didn't mean to imply we want funding to carry out abortions! Rather, we should get as much if not more funding for NFP.

I'm delighted we agree on something :)

At 7/10/05 9:43 am, Blogger Sam said...

Abortion is not hateful John - sometimes it's the most sensible and compassionate choice a woman can make, not to mention the most difficult.

But there's little point raking over that debate as they'll never be any middle ground between us there.

I believe, cosmically, we're allocated a maximum of three times in our combined existences to agree on something. So that's once :-)

At 7/10/05 3:17 pm, Blogger mikey said...

The only thing hateful about abortion is the people who oppose it.

At 7/10/05 7:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Family planning is something Dreadnought won't have to worry about. Any women on board, of course not, just the usual Catholic men making the decisions for us. JT

At 9/10/05 12:08 pm, Blogger Daedalus said...

Sounds like the nonsense of the bushites is reverberating throughout the world! ;)

At 9/10/05 4:59 pm, Anonymous stephen said...

one can't help but see the hand of the catholic mafiosi, don't you think.
Don Abbot and Don Nelson, plus the PMs deep love for anything conservatve.
dreadnought clearly lives in a schizophrenic tension between his gaiety and his catholicism. you can't take it seriously

At 9/10/05 6:42 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Dreadnought. The catholic church operates by fear, they obtain their wealth from the poor, whom they exploit. My grandmother every friday spent her limited income on buying flowers for the church. The priest each friday would visit us and accordingly, left with monetary contributions from the family. An elderly priest retired, what did the congregation buy him for his retirement! a sports car, he cleverly intimating what he would like to experience before he died. This car came from people who live from day to day.
If you want to kneel in front of the telly and cross yourself when the Nazi pope appears, do so, but keep your exploitive crap to yourself.

At 9/10/05 11:12 pm, Blogger DREADNOUGHT said...

How can you hope to engage with / convince wider society when you spit such hate? More personally, how do you face the day carrying around such unnecessary bitterness? Shrivelled, sorry men make nothing. Such an attitude also makes a joke of your claims to be 'liberated'. The only philosophy I discern here is wilful ignorance coupled with a warped fear directed against some straw-man Catholicism. No wonder such nonsense meets widespread and firm electoral rejection across the world.

At 10/10/05 12:04 am, Blogger mikey said...

Yawn. The attention seeking is getting soooooo tired.

You never contribute to any gay Australian blog (and they're not all activist-y), except when you're institution is questioned. Either gain another interest or shut up!

At 16/10/05 6:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's backdoor funding for idiocy like abstinence and the rhythm method.
Howard and cronies won't promote it in an upfront way because they know exactly what sort of reaction it'd create in sensible voters.


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