Friday, September 09, 2005

The True Threats to Society

It's Friday afternoon so I'm inevitably feeling a little lethargic. I'd like to do a point-by-point demication of Mingy Miranda Devine's totally unforgivable (even by her standards) defence of the little fascist brigade forming in the NSW Liberal party, but I think I've banged on enough about them on QP.

Instead, I'd like to marvel at how far society has come from the bad old days when politicians would say things like this in parliament:

I believe that homosexuality is an undesirable activity. It is, I submit, an appropriate aim of the criminal law to encourage young persons not to engage in such activity especially in that phase of their life where young people are developing.

Oh, that was only said as recently as 1997, you say?

Oh, and it was said by Senator Eric Abetz, you say?

Oh, and Senator Abetz is a current senator in this government, you say?

But hey, don't listen to me, I clearly have a pro-homo agenda. Listen instead to Devine and The Australian when they assure us that the Uglies and their federal supporters are really nothing to worry about. Take them seriously when they say that accusations of homophobia levelled against David

"The evidence shows that same-sex relationships are far more susceptible to being unstable and more violent than traditional households. Those in homosexual relationships face a greater risk of overall health problems, suicide and attempted suicide. Studies show a far higher rate of sexual molestation of children in homosexual households than in heterosexual households...Children raised in homosexual households are more likely to experience gender and sexual disorders. "

Clarke are "totally unfounded". I'm sure they know what they're talking about.


Let's focus instead on pleasanter things. For instance, local DJ Neal Crawford who, after nearly three years of living in Sydney, I have only realised just now is woofalicious:

Image hosted by

Spin me 'round a few times, Mr DJ:


I've really gotta pay more attention when I go out to Arq.

Oh - the boy knows his web design, too - funky personal site. And he's originally a Kiwi so the odds are better than not that he won't be the typical Sydney homo beauty with a broom up his arse and that delightful shit-don't-stink demeanour that make many of them so wonderfully approachable and engaging.

I'm schedule to make an appearance at Arq tonight, in fact. Will a DJ save my life? Fingers and toes.


At 9/9/05 8:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know you didnt want to waste time attacking Miran-duh but I cant help but point out one of the glaring flaws in her arguement. She suggests that the "Uglies" in the Liberal Party have merely tapped into a "conservative zeitgeist" as the "Howard generation has come of age". Miran-duh loves making a big deal about the supposed new wave of conservatism sweeping through the young people of Australia. Obviously no one showed her the results of the recent ANU survey of 4000 Aussies which showed a distinct lack of conservativism amongst Australian youth. Notably the result that 65% of people aged 18-34 consider a gay couple with kids a "family". Hardly a "conservative zeitgeist" methinks! Seems like the "Howard generation" are behaving like most kids and rebelling against the views of their authority figures rather than adopting them!

Its also hilarious that the Australian has used the results of that very survey to justify its arguement that we "Howard-haters" really have nothing to worry about and should just stop whingeing! Talk about damned if you do....

At 11/9/05 2:14 pm, Anonymous Bazza ( Joyous Crow) said...

Miranda. Like father like daughter, and the Howard mob say the Herald is too leftwing!

Port Power 40 points.
Adelaide Crows 123 points.

Theres a wake in the Alberton Hotel today

At 11/9/05 10:31 pm, Anonymous I Love Matty said...

I'm sad that Matthew Primus' team is out, I think I'll look Neal Crawford in undies until I feel better.

At 12/9/05 12:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neal Crawford is hot as. He's also straight as.

At 12/9/05 12:10 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Bugger. I knew there'd be a catch.

At 13/9/05 12:30 am, Anonymous I Love Matty said...

With all the gigs Neal Crawford does for gay venues the least he could do is be bi. Even though well all know that they don't really exist.


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