Wednesday, September 07, 2005

OK, This is Weird

So I'm checking my QP emails in my lunch break, and I come across this from quality individual Peter Stokes:

Dear Sam

Of course it is of concern that people are more prepared to accept immorality -What a great pity that people continue to be seduced by the lies and deceptive propaganda put out by the homosexual and pro abortion lobby.

My responsibility is to proclaim the good news that Jesus can heal the homosexual, heal the grief of the women who has had an abortion, he (sic) the broken relationships caused by gambling addiction and heal the liar, adulterer etc. and restore them all to be the people HE intended them to be through a relationship with HIM.

Thanks for sending the article.


Peter Stokes
CEOSalt Shakers
03 9800 2855
0413 084 145 <>

Peter was replying to this email, sent yesterday:

From: Sam []
Sent: Tuesday, 6 September 2005 8:01 PM
Subject: Headline - Nation getting less conservative: survey

Dear Peter Stokes, Sam wants you to know about this story on

Personal Message:Mr Stokes, Despite 10 years of conservative rule in Australia, Australians still hold progressive views on abortion, Gays,Immigration.. What DEVASTATING news for you !!! Good to see that truth wins and that your lies and destortions on those issues might have some wins but in the end does not win the battle of ideas! Gay marriage within 10 years - YOU BET !!!

Nation getting less conservative: survey
September 6, 2005 - 4:14PM

The weird part: I did not send this email yesterday.

They're certainly sentiments I agree with (except for gay marriage in 10 years - not going to happen), and I'd like to shake the hand of the person who wrote this email posing as me, but unless I'm suffering amnesiac black-outs a la Sindi from Neighbours, I honestly, rooly, truly did not write or send this email. I generally refrain from using multiple explanation marks as I think they're tacky. And I'm also not a big fan of that Fairfax feature that generates emails starting with "X wants to know about..." I'm more the old-fashioned link copy-and-paster type.

So if there happens to be a very well-meaning QP reader who broke into my email and fired off this letter, erm...Please don't. Or, should you recognise yourself as the author of this and are as intrigued as I am as to why I'm receiving credit for it, please drop me a line so we can jump in a psychedelic van together with a bloody big Great Dane and some Scooby snacks and solve this mystery! Yeah!


At 7/9/05 2:39 pm, Anonymous zhasper said...

I don't know what The Age is like... so I'll check, it will take 10 seconds, and make this much more useful..

Yes, thought as much. Look at any article page on (or, or any of the News websites for that matter) and you'll see a nice little picture of an envelope; click on that, supply some fake details, and viola, an email exactly as you described will be sent.

Doesn't require anyone "breaking into my email" :(

At 7/9/05 2:46 pm, Blogger Sam said...

So this is a means by which anybody can pose as anybody else and write anything on their behalf? Well that's quite unsettling really.

Zhasper: You sound a little angry or upset there?

At 7/9/05 3:24 pm, Blogger mikey said...

That's really odd. As a narcissist, I have no idea why somebody would write an email and then let another person take the credit.

Then again, there are probably heaps of religious crackpots reading gay websites and trying to sabotage them. Why, we even have a religious crackpot who has his own gay website (or did Dreadnought disappear up his own anus?)

At 7/9/05 5:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gaslighting" is catching. Be very kind to Dreadie. He's had a bad week with two of his idols found to have feet of clay and he made an "almost" apology. No doubt our little blind alley of evolution will rise above it all. JT

At 8/9/05 12:04 am, Blogger johnnykocktail said...

Great blog, man! I'll keep reading onnacounta you have an entertaining voice!
can't resist you Aussies!

At 8/9/05 1:03 am, Blogger semaphore junction said...

How weird, but it's not all the time someone does something for you with even letting you know.

As for his response back, I just had to hang on to my stomach as I didn't have a bucket nearby.

hmmmmm a friendly Canadian doing the rounds of Aussie Blogs I see.

At 8/9/05 8:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure you werent suffering a Sindi-esque blackout Sam? Im quite certain I saw you lurking around the Internet cafe on Oxford Street in dark glasses, a trench-coat and bad red wig on Tuesday!!


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