Thursday, May 05, 2005

Smithers, Who is This "The Leader"?

Obviously, I'm deriving pleasure from the leadership instability of the Liberal Party. I was too young to fully appreciate the Hawke/Keating joust and anything that undermines in any way this government has to be a good thing.

I have this very peculiar notion, however, that I would actually like to see Howard stay on. I hit myself when I first thought this, then I allowed my brain to sit me down and explain it to myself.

Any political leader's shit has to start stinking after 11 years in power, even Howard's. He might just be so stale by then, and voters may feel he's so completely engorged with his own delusions of grandeur, that they have to teach the little tapeworm a lesson.

Installing Costello feels uncomfortably like new blood. It's a Libs marketer's wet dream: A new, younger leader willing to offer a fresh perspective in the top job while still maintaining a proud legacy of xenophpobia, homophobia and lies...I mean strong border security, family values and honest governance.

Costello will be the "progressive" Liberal (which he isn't, it's a term totally relative only to Howard) who can continue Howard's economic radicalism, perhaps implementing even more unseen extremities upon trade unions, student unions, working mothers, the tertiary sector etc while placating the republicans, indigenous community leaders, refugee advocates - hell, he may even prove Julie McCrossin right and let the homos get married. Actually, no. Julie, bless her heart to bits, is just plain wrong here.

It's a moot point either way really, in that short of an apocalyptic misfortune befalling the Libs (bearing in mind this is the party that came through lying to the public on the GST, children overboard, WMDs in Iraq and scandal after scandal with an increased majority), Labor will not close the gap between now and 2007 to win government.

Who do people think is the best leader for the job - by which I mean the proper job of losing the election for the Libs as their leader? How about bringing back Leckie Downer to really give Labor a fighting chance? Philip Ruddock (or, as he was described by a friend of a friend last night, Mister Burns)? Mandy V?

If the Mad Monk gets it, I'm moving to Botswana.


At 5/5/05 2:00 pm, Blogger Cracklypork said...

Someone needs to come up with a cartoon with Howard as the Gollum going, "My...... preciousssss..." while masturbating on the parliamentary "throne". Or maybe that's just too obvious.

I agree that it is pretty exciting, though the royal screwing of the public's interest will continue.

At 5/5/05 5:35 pm, Blogger semaphore junction said...

Well given the fact that the public were fully aware before the last election that Costello had desires over the "golden throne" and that the Labor party did an absolute favour by advertising that fact at the last election with banners. That didn't scare people off what-so-ever.


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