Thursday, April 28, 2005


QP is sick :-( By which I mean the site, not its author. I do all my penguinations from work as my home computer is a pasty old hag on a death bed, but now for some reason the site keeps freezing/crashing everytime I try to access it from here. I know it's not a blogspot thing coz all the other blogspotters at my work are having no dramas, but no-one is able to access QP from the work network without the same thing happening to their computers.

So I'm going to have to give QP a miss until I can figure out what to do (I'm not so keen to tell the IT support team the problem as it's not entirely work related).

Any advice from wise bloggers and computer nerds/geeks/sexpots alike will be muchly appreciated.


At 28/4/05 1:05 pm, Anonymous Stephen said...

Just seeing if anyone can post. I did!
Hope you can solve this soon.

At 28/4/05 1:28 pm, Anonymous Luke said...

Hey QP, i could be wrong however i have had trouble accessing QP from my work too. I discovered that the issue was with you photo being stored on "gaydar". Gaydar seems to be a webpage that is often blocked on office firewalls. Your photo being located on Gaydar means your page often crashes or gets blocked,

At 28/4/05 6:11 pm, Anonymous Harley said...

File a bug report with Blogger. Although I think it's more likely a problem that a 301 Redirect that has been cached from a downtime. If this reads like a foreign language, just forward this entire comment to the blogger help service.

Problem: QP redirects to the blogger start page.

Steps to repeat: Direct web-browser to from office computer.

Expected result: Does not redirect to

Workaround: Direct web-browser to from office computer; or direct web-browser to from alternative computer.

Finally, a proxy that blocks gaydar IPs will only block those files, and shouldn't block the referencing page (well, I've never seen a proxy with that much unnecessary "feature" bloat)

At 29/4/05 9:12 am, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks H - doing the www. thing beforehand seems to solve the problem, fingers and toes.

At 6/5/05 5:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

burn in hell cocksucker.


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