Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pope I Don't Give a Shit XIXVXXXXQ5Z

In protest I'm not going to do an extensive piece on the election of the new homophobic misogynist Inquisitor - I mean head of the Catholic Church. Way, way too much unfounded and unnecessary media and blogging attention has already been focused on the appointment of a man even whose brother believes is "too old for the job". If nothing else, we can rest assured the old bloke won't be around for too long to do too much damage.

His certain past indiscretions did get me wondering, however, given my recent posting: Should NSW Young Liberals be re-named Hitler Youth?

Just a thought.


At 22/4/05 12:16 am, Blogger semaphore junction said...

I think that it is a complete joke that they've decided to choose someone who is offically the second oldest pope elected and that is pope also has parkinsons.


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