Friday, April 15, 2005

Summer Holiday Prepamarations

Today I booked my London accommodation (Piccadilly Backpackers, so glam) as well as my London-Barcelona flight.

Checking out the Tube network map really illustrated just how many London cliches I have to get in in only 3 days. I have to take the train to...Shepherd's Bush? Holland Park, sweetie, Holland Park! and maybe get in a spot of lunch in Knightsbridge at the Harrod's food halls (Ab fab), go shopping at Harvey Nick's before having a pizza at Leicester Square (League of Gentlemen), see if London Bridge really is falling down, get assaulted by pigeons at Trafalgar Sqaure, climb over Notting Hill Gate and buy cheapo electrical goods on Tottenham Court Road (only found out about that one today).

Romantic Barcelonan hotels (*winks at a particular honorary Canadian*) aren't quite the bargains I arbitrarily assumed they would be. Annoying to come across a website that proports to offer noice hotels for under 100 euros a night, only to put in your required dates (start of the peak holiday period in my case) and see those prices vanish quicker than an Aussie reality TV show knock-off.

Nevertheless, onwards budget-travelling soldier...


At 19/4/05 1:08 am, Blogger semaphore junction said...

If only I knew you better and if you were in Melbourne (hey it's a good excuse to visit Sydney for me as well), I would ask you to get a couple of souvenirs of the London Underground.

At 19/4/05 1:37 pm, Blogger Sam said...

What would you like Dark? I'll see what I can do. Am definitely going to be bringing back lots of Precious Things from London.

At 19/4/05 8:49 pm, Blogger semaphore junction said...

Timetables or brochures. I might be asking too much for a cap since things cost over there. (I wish I could take a friends London Underground jacket which fits me perfectly.)

Thanks heaps babe.


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