Thursday, February 24, 2005

P Diddy the Penguin Dementor

Did you know? P Diddy has victimised and terrorised some poor South African penguins for a party. Poor little bastards. Unfortunately being the spunky things they are, they're prime for exploitation by heartless men. Just like Marilyn Monroe. Or Kate Ellis.


At 27/2/05 8:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate Ellis "exploited??" she ran screamin into the SA ALP room "I'm a STAR!!" and I will always wear one of my "TARGET'e black trouser suits and drop my eyelids like "Di" when I sit behind our leader,when today in Parliament is broadcast. I owe it to my public ("somewhere")

At 28/2/05 9:43 am, Blogger Sam said...

A good point, one I hadn't considered. I was thinking more in the context of how the member for Adelaide - the token female face immediately behind either Howard or Beazley during question time - is now young, funky and wearing Max Factor (ie Kate), everything the ALP would like to think it is, as opposed to elderly, frumpy and wearing Depends adult nappies (ie Trish Worth) - Liberals in a nutshell. She does have that Di droopiness though, yes.


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