Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Note to Labor: Suck less

You know, Labor really isn't doing itself any favours at the moment. Nevermind the very disappointing resolution on federal same-sex couple laws, they've now chosen Nicole Cornes to run against Andrew Southcott for Boothby, in a bizarre move for which there is only one word - and it's not even a word - 'wtf'?

First some background for non-Adelaideans in the audience: Nicole Cornes is the upgrade wife of Graham Cornes, a Local Legend, or so he'd probably like to think. Being Adelaide, he's a LL because he used to play footy, and now he sells cars and hosts a show on 5AA. N Cornes, meanwhile, writes a column for the Adelaide Sunday Mail and runs her own business.

But how's this for less-than-appropriate criteria for running not just for federal politics, but for Labor?
  • She's a self-confessed ex-Lib voter who as recently as 2004 was writing that John Howard had proved himself to be a fine PM;

- "I won't have to answer any tough questions, no hard-hitting questions, will I?"

- (to ABC local radio) "I have done a quick phone call with 5AA. Your show is different. You ask serious questions - they're not going to give me any hard questions, it's just going to be a soft interview."

- "(I am) not prepared for the onslaught of straight into policy and straight into in-depth conversations regarding issues I really don't have a grasp of, yet."

Wowsers, that is not good.

Of course, the starving Howard meeja lapdogs have pounced quickly - and if they were able to criticise without whipping out their shrunken man-bits to jerk-off over Cornes' (apparent) physical attractiveness, they might actually have a credible argument. It's really difficult to fathom why on earth Labor has gone with a person who clearly has no idea what is involved in federal politics or what voters expect from their elected representatives, other than a hope that she can cruise into the seat on her (Adelaide-only) celebrity - and that maybe male voters in Boothby are as lecherous as Andrew Bolt.

And most frustratingly, Boothby is precisely the sort of seat for which Labor should be reserving its A-material. It's fairly safe Liberal, yes, but it's affluent inner city, and full of doctors' wives (for want of a better term) who've had enough of Howard and who feel Rudd is similar enough, yet different enough, to vote for instead. Southcott is a nobody who could easily be overshowed by a high-profile, quality candidate. Labor, until now, had a not unrealistic chance of winning.

In that regard, then, Labor has made a much smarter choice endorsing Mia Handshin to run against Christopher Pyne in Sturt. Again, you won't have heard of her outside the Adelaide bubble, but she has a fairly impressive track record in actual politics, as well as a 'Tiser column she's written for the last 10 years. She's always had a bit of an over-privileged, precocious, Overachieving Young Student Pollie element about her - think a young Nat SD - but at least she knows the business, and knows not to say at her first media conference, effectively, 'don't ask me about politics, I'm just a girl. Hee hee!'

Labor also looks like they're getting in right over on the east coast, with quality candidates set to challenge Malcolm Turnbull and Gary Nairn in Wentworth and Eden-Monaro respectively. And it is nice to see Labor preselection branching out a little more beyond the usual hack-to-candidate, just-add-water gene pool (Greg Combet and Bill Shorten cruising into their safe seats notwithstanding). But seriously, even a hack would've been a better choice for Boothby than Cornes - at least they'd be trained to speak properly on cue.

I'll have absolutely no sympathy for Labor if they happen to lose this election by one seat. It would be entirely their own doing.

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At 1/5/07 5:31 pm, Blogger nash said...

Surely Patsy Biscoe's available in SA, why don't they get her in on the act?

(no apologies for lowering the tone, Sam, it's late in the arvo!)

At 1/5/07 6:27 pm, Blogger Jeremy said...

"I'll have absolutely no sympathy for Labor if they happen to lose this election by one seat. It would be entirely their own doing."

Me neither. But I'll have plenty of sympathy for the rest of us.

At 2/5/07 10:09 am, Anonymous Andrew said...

Nicole Cornes has really got a handle on the serious issues. Read this fine example, if you can bear it:

At 2/5/07 11:44 am, Anonymous Bazza said...

Sam. With the ALP choice of candidate, it is assured Boothby will remain Liberal. The voters will go for who they "don't know".
Now as for Sturt, its rumoured the current MP is on the nose, so Mia is in with a chance.


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