Friday, March 09, 2007

Game time

Choccie frog for the first person who can tell me whose Gaydar profile, according to Popbitch, this is:

(Hint: It's allegedly Anthony Callea's.)


At 9/3/07 1:24 pm, Anonymous Bazza ( le Crows groupie) said...

Sam. Your terrible, you are!

At 9/3/07 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Lebanese or middle eastern appearance welcome."

A nice way of saying no East Asians.

At 9/3/07 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a lot of crap.How do we know it is his and not some made up piece BS??

He has haters enough (like you) who wouldn't think twice about sticking the boot in when the poor kid is down

You truly should be ashamed of yourself.

At 9/3/07 3:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, I think that's a bit rough. People's private lives are just that.

I thought it was pretty contemptible when they outed that NSW lib politician's private dating profile too by setting him up with one of their staffers for a gotcha.

Nasty stuff.

At 9/3/07 3:51 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I don't hate Anthony Callea - I'm far too apathetic about him to feel that strongly.

But I don't have much time for people who give a direct lie when asked a direct question whether or not they're gay.

And I don't think a man is 'down' when he's outed. In the long run, he'll be better for it. Trust me.

At 9/3/07 6:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm....Im in two minds about this one Sam.

Im actually a bit of a fan of outing celebs who deny they are gay because I think hiding it sends all the wrong messages. But posting this sort of personal info is going a bit far in my humble opinion.

I suppose what worries me is that this sort of info might wind up in the pages of the Telegraph tomorrow as happened to a Greens candidate in the recent Vic election including details of his likes and dislikes. I doubt it would happen here as the site is fairly anonymous and could really be anyone but with the Tele you never know.


At 9/3/07 6:28 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Popbitch beat me to it though, Chris. I'm not posting anything that isn't currently already now available to millions of people worldwide.

At 9/3/07 6:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a big difference between saying that he's gay (although that's still his private business, and his decision when to out himself, not yours) and publicising his personal dating information.

I wouldn't do that to my worst enemies.

At 10/3/07 8:23 am, Blogger Andrew said...

And who was **** (Listed in the Popbitch credits), found the profile, chatted to him and sent the profile on to Popbitch

At 10/3/07 8:51 am, Blogger nash said...

I can't decide if it's Jamie Durie or Tom Williams (everybody lies about their height on gaydar)

At 10/3/07 12:08 pm, Blogger Bads33d said...

eh, it's all moot - the gay press is already on the story; the mainstream press will get there soon enough -

At 10/3/07 12:32 pm, Anonymous woulfe said...

"Popbitch beat me to it though, Chris."

Ah, yes. The 'but she said it first, Mummy' defence. Very nuanced.

Callea's address is on the electoral roll, Sam. Why don't you publish that here too?

At 10/3/07 5:34 pm, Blogger Sam said...

'Callea's address is on the electoral roll, Sam. Why don't you publish that here too?'

Because I have no point to make by doing that Jim.

I don't give a shit where the guy lives. But I do care that he has lied directly when asked a direct question whether or now he's gay. That doesn't do the rest of us any favours.

Regardless, it's all moot now anyway as that particular profile has mysteriously disappeared.

At 10/3/07 5:51 pm, Anonymous Bazza said...

Money and fame can prostitute many. However priniciples of being, should never be for sale!

At 10/3/07 8:36 pm, Blogger Denys said...

"You're terrible Muriel".

I don't give a two bob shit about A.C but how do you know it's his profile and NOT someone setting him up. I could google his stats then open a profile with him in mind that's if I had too much time on my hands.

It looks to me that a long bow has been drawn on this one Sam.

Enjoy your stuff in SX though.

At 10/3/07 10:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't give a shit where the guy lives. But I do care that he has lied directly when asked a direct question whether or now he's gay. That doesn't do the rest of us any favours."

That's rubbish, Sam. His private life is his private life. He doesn't owe anyone anything, just because he's gay.

OUTING each other doesn't do the gay community any favours. It turns each gay person's sexuality into a political statement. Straight people can enjoy their private relationships; gay people have to publicise theirs OR THEIR "FRIENDS" WILL DO IT FOR THEM.

It's just wrong. Gay people are as entitled to privacy in their personal lives as the rest of us.

At 11/3/07 12:33 am, Anonymous philbert83 said...

I get popbitch too, and giggled at this and may or may not have sent it to at least 5 friends... anyway well done posting, its about time the gay midget came out and stopped denying.

At 11/3/07 10:21 am, Anonymous woulfe said...

"Because I have no point to make by doing that Jim."

So the new standard goes something like: "everyone has a right to privacy except when it stands in the way of queerpenquin making a point."

Privacy isn’t conditional on your rhetorical needs, Sam. Nor is it conditional on good behaviour, even less on what you define as good behaviour. The privacy of criminals is still respected, but all Callea has done is lie about his own sexuality, which most of us have done at some time in our lives. For this, you have decided that his privacy is forfeited (oh, sorry, I forgot, 'popbitch did it mummy, not me').

And it's far from moot. For argument’s sake, let’s talk about a hypothetical kid in my street: seventeen years old, very talented soccer player, constantly travelling with various representative teams, selectors' camps in Italy and the US, has a pretty good chance of a professional sporting career. He also knows he’s gay.

What you’ve told that kid, Sam, is that he’s in a no-win situation. No matter what he does, he’s going to suffer. His coach will cut him if he comes out. If he doesn’t, then popbitch, queerpenguin or some other new-media wannabe will deal with it later, after there’s a bit of reflected fame to grab in the process.

At 11/3/07 1:14 pm, Blogger Sam said...

I will update this post to make abundantly clear the source of this link, and point out again that I am not putting anything here that isn't already available in millions of peoples' inboxes.

At 11/3/07 2:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a hoot! get 'im penguin, I'm with you on this..... If he is a homa, he shouldn't insult us all by denying it

At 11/3/07 5:12 pm, Blogger Wamut said...

yeah, i can actually see the points being made against sam.

if coming out is potentially damaging to your career, then i forgive ppl for keeping their sexuality quiet. I'm not totally out at work - some ppl know, but there are others that I deliberately keep it from. I know it's because I'm scared it'll affect my ability to do my job and I know it's shit that the world is like this, but my reaction is pretty normal and I easily forgive myself for it. And I'd be pretty pissed off if someone decided to out me. surely ppl have a right to hide their sexuality so they can have the career they want to have?

At 12/3/07 9:45 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom Gaylord don't be absurd.
Im a 'homa' and he doesn't insult us all.

Sheesh. All these sweeping generalisations. The world is not black and white.
It's grey.

Find your place in the world. Define your sexuality purely for yourself and then stand on your own two feet.

Do this and I guarantee an Oz Idol nominee (for fucks sake) won’t bother you in the slightest…


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