Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Martha Martha Martha! Got Lemons?

Heheheheh. For all the smutty, latent Are You Being Served? fans in all of us, this quote of the week from ex-con Martha Stewart, fresh out of Alderson federal prison:

What did Martha miss?

"Lemons," Stewart said, holding a couple. "There are no lemons at Alderson."

There are, however, a few at Wentworth Detention Centre:

Bea and Chrissie gently try to acclimatise Margo to the joys of Joan Ferguson's baton...

Martha sure knows how to finger lemons...


At 14/3/05 9:30 pm, Blogger Brownie said...

'Alderson' prison? Maggie has her own prison for crimes against fashion? I love it.

At 15/3/05 9:32 am, Blogger Sam said...

There's an image, The Freak pounding into a prisoner while wearing a full-length, sequined Gaultier chiffon gown. I'll get right on it.


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