Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And I thought all paedophiles were meant to be gay...

My mistake.

All grown up

Nikki Webster. Semi-nude. Does that sound wrong? Men's mag FHM doesn't think so, having commissioned a series of racy pics of the young entertainer for an upcoming issue. An FHM spokeswoman refused to reveal what Ms Webster was doing or wearing in the shoot, but admitted it was "quite controversial". While most of us remember Webster as the young slip of a thing who sang at the opening ceremony of the 2000 Olympics, she is now trying to project a more grown-up image. "Nikki is moving away from being a child," says her manager, Jason Williamson. "It's a great shoot, it shows her as an 18-year-old." Which, strictly speaking, she's not - Webster is two months shy of her 18th birthday. That, apparently, makes her the perfect age for an FHM debut. "We prefer girls at 18 but the cut-off is 16," said a spokeswoman for the titillating rag. "We did shoot Holly Valance when she was 16."


At 1/3/05 2:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that one had to bare skin to prove that one was "grown up". Imagine if this was a rite of passage in our society - 16-18 yo girls marching to a debutante ball and then stripping to the applause and tears of pride (or liquid of some sort) from their parents and peers.

Hmm. Maybe I'm not TOO far off.

At 1/3/05 2:25 pm, Blogger Sam said...

This certainly would have made the movie "Carrie" all the more interesting...Liquid of some sort indeed :-P


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