Monday, February 07, 2005

Oh Mandy Pt 2

Quoth Minister Vanstone, the frumpy worm farmer (my mum found out about that particular hobby during an "animated" interview with her):

My advice is she claimed that she was German ... (she) spoke German, said she was German, said she was a visitor, said she had no friends and family and had with her a stolen passport.

So it's a pretty fair understanding that both police and immigration would think this person maybe an unlawful citizen.

Ms Rau stuck to the story of who she was, where she was born, that she was adopted of parents in Germany consistently.

But wait up - the Bakhtiari family claimed repeatedly that they were from Afghanistan, not Pakistan. And they stuck to it. But you didn't believe them, did you Mandy? Perhaps it's just that you assume the word of a "European" has by definition more credibility than that of an Afghani?

Howard himself has ordered an inquiry, so even he can see this is something they won't be able to sweep under the rug, at least not immediately. These sorts of inquiries will of course become non-existent after July of this year when the total Liberal eclipse of parliament occurs. The question is: can the Van sweat it out in her cotton/poly floral designs until then?


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