Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Just so you know you heard it here first. On recommendation of my flatmate, I'm getting in early with "J-Fo", a term I'm sure will be used at least once by various industry and media wags for Jane Fonda in new film Monster-in-Law, in which she plays J-Lo's potential mother-in-law.

The film itself looks not uninteresting. It's directed by Robert Luketic, the Melbourne homo who gave us the fabulous Legally Blonde (interestingly, Reese Witherspoon as producer didn't get him back for the LB sequel, even after hours of hard-core fawning over her in the LB1 DVD commentary. But then considering how awful LB2 was, he may ultimately be very grateful). It will also be interesting to see all the righties jump to attention as they remind us of "Hanoi Jane", the great "betrayer" of the US during the Vietnam War.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of J-Fo based on her politics alone, but I have an enormous amount of respect for her as a human being who's achieved amazing things in her life. How many other people can list 60s sex kitten, political activist, double Oscar and Emmy award-winning actress, 80s fitness guru and ageless beauty in their CVs? She's certainly in the top ten of my dream dinner party guest list. An interesting film for her to come out of acting retirement for after 15 years. Maybe now that she's no longer Mrs Ted Turner the money tree is looking a little bare?


At 1/2/05 4:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, so who would make the grade for your Top 10 dinner party guest list? Do tell!

Miss Curiouser-and-Curiouser


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