Friday, February 04, 2005

Spankin' the monkey

For all you monkeys out there - that is, the Chinese astrology animal for those born in 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944 etc - it's good news for 2005:

The Entertaining Monkey - The “Merry Mercurial"

For single Monkeys, 2005 may bring about a reunion with old friends or lovers and the sparks could fly! Although you have long for a certain someone, you may well have an experience that will open your heart to new possibilities. 2005's focus is on comings and goings, short trips or jaunts, friends, relatives and nostalgia. More sociable than ever, you'll be at ease and communicate your enthusiasm with a buoyant spirit. When working, identify your goals and be prepared to move forward. This Rooster year will require Monkey souls to concentrate and spend more time on their work. If in doubt, always double-check this year, as all mistakes will be under scrutiny and microscopic examination. Love will be more favorable to those under the age of 36 as opposed to older couples, who could be plagued by disagreements over money. Refrain from all impulsiveness, tricks or amusing pranks during 2005 as the sober-minded and hard-working Rooster may not appreciate your brand of youthful humor. A brief period of insomnia convinces you to relax and release useless suspicions.



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