Thursday, July 07, 2005

Part 10: Holy Shit

I had just arrived in Paris after a fairly harrowing ordeal negotiating the way to my hotel from a "Paris airport" that is as much in Paris as Newcastle is in Sydney, only to discover the hotel doesn't open for a couple of hours. I headed onto the streets for something to eat in the meantime and saw on a cafe's TV news of the bombings in London. I only understood a fraction of the report but the images were enough to tell me that something had gone horribly wrong.

I was staying around the corner from Liverpool Street station, using it as my starting and termination points every morning and evening I was there. I travelled through Kings Cross and Edgware Road stations on more than one occasion.

I am meant to catch a train from Paris to London on Sunday and then another connecting train from London to Leeds at Kings Cross. Somehow I have a feeling this will not happen. For the first time ever on this trip I feel unsafe, disoriented and scared instead of excited about what the rest of this trip may hold.

I may be over-reacting like a drama queen here. I guess this is just one potential dilemma not covered in Lonely Planet.


At 8/7/05 12:51 am, Anonymous maddy said...

Hey - I've enjoyed reading your travel blog. It seems you were stalking me though - I think I was in Barcelona and Sitges a few days before you :) As it turns out, unfortunately I had a family emergency back home and had to return to Sydney from Nice asap so I can understand your feelings of nervousness and apprehension.

The only advice I have is to do the best you can to keep a level head. Maybe you can reroute away from London, although ironically it will probably be a very safe place over the next few weeks. Just try and enjpy the rest of your time abroad. As one Aussie in London interviewed on Channel 7 said "Don't let the terrorists stop you travelling or living your life". Pretty good advice considering he walked out of Kings Cross Station 2 minutes before the blasts, and out of the Sari Club in Bali 2 minutes before that went up... Needless to say it was an amazing and very emotional interview.

Good luck and take care!

At 10/7/05 3:14 am, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks Maddy, andd sorry to hear of your family emergency.

It sounds as though I will still be able to stick with original travelling plans after all. I won't be able to help feeling a little more nervous than usual but as you say, you just have to carry on. Thankfully I've had such a great time in Paris so as to momentarily put aside the drama.


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