Friday, March 11, 2005

QP Challenge

OK, as I probably won't be contributing to QP over the weekend, I'm going all interactive on your arses and getting YOU to do the work.

Was thinking today about conservative gay men. They trouble me. I'll always respect the smart ones (and as I've mentioned earlier, some of my best friends are...) but I know no matter how much I try to reconcile being gay with also being right-wing, sexist, pro-life, anti-dyke (in the case of many gay boys), Howard-voting etc I'll just always end up with a spinning head.

You know how there's that term - it's a bit racist but bear with me - "Oreo", black on the outside, white on the inside? I'm wondering if there can be a conservative/gay equivalent term, gay on the outside, straight on the inside. "Pearsey" and "Flinty" - named after Chris Pearson and Prof David Flint - spring to mind, but this is at 4:38 on a Friday afternoon when I'm not exactly ejaculating with creativity.

Any ideas?

Have a fab weekend everyone.


At 12/3/05 10:22 am, Blogger bee-eric said...

Surely there is a Dick Cheney joke in here somewhere??

At 12/3/05 12:58 pm, Blogger Sam said...

"Dick Cheney joke" is tautologous - by definition, one necessarily suggests the other :P


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