Monday, March 21, 2005

Precious Penguin

OK, feeling a little sad, holding up a sad face like so:

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I'm feeling a bit precious and small and vulnerable, like a penguin in the Sahara, mainly because like this woman I'm telling stories but am not entirely sure if many people are actually listening and/or affected by them. Sometimes I pour out my guts on QueerPenguin for only a few or often no comments at a time so I wonder if it's worth continuing.

Seriously, for those few of you who might find this site even slightly interesting, please don't be afraid to leave lines to that effect. You don't even have to agree with me - I like people to challenge what I'm saying when they can argue their point well. If a man is the sum total of his memories, is a blogger the sum total of his posts? If so, please help make me become fat and bloated.

Also a bit down due to relentlessly short supply of coins, smelly, unmedicated men who scream FUCK!!!!! at me really loudly at Town Hall station and the price tag on a Dolce and Gabbana top on King St that I really *really* like. And the malevolent figure that smirked at me from my bathroom scales this morning.

I know. I should get some real problems.


At 21/3/05 7:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be silly QP, We all love your blog it's just that we can't be buggerd sometimes making comments.. In my case you pretty much say what i feel just more eloquently than i can..

At 21/3/05 7:44 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks anonymous. Just having one of those Needy Mondays I guess. It too shall pass.

At 21/3/05 9:00 pm, Anonymous Harley said...

It's a wonderful read, but I'm sure you know that.

The blogging laws of feedback isn't in your favour. Provide an email address and you'll always receive twice as many private emails as public comments. Provide an email address and become A-list and you'll never be able to use that email address again. Don't provide an email address and the public thinks you're elitist, and you'll never reach A-list in this pretend egalitarian blogosphere. [eww, I feel dirty using that coloquialism]

You could always do a Stan Zemanek; paying people to participate, for, say, "post ten comments and win a free drink! (limited to one drink per customer per week)"

At 21/3/05 10:06 pm, Blogger Sam said...

Thanks Harley, I really like yours too (and am quietly jealous of all those men and all that sex you always seem to be getting, but I'll never tell you that :-P)

I did try to put my email up in my preview profile but hasn't worked yet - only available in the full profile page. Will keep trying. I hope I won't have to resort to any kind of Stanesque techniques ever in my life...

At 22/3/05 8:08 am, Blogger Ron said...

Hi Sam,

You know what I think of your writing: I've told you enought times in private emails! So don't you dare stop!!!!

I think when blogging first started it was meant to be personal diary-type publishing. Commenting didn't need to be part of the equation but that has changed now. It really is disheartening to check a blog a few times daily and find that no one has commented. Why some are popular when they are nothing but a load of shite, I don't know. Whereas others (and there are many) that are really top quality go for a week or two without a single comment. At least you can see you get lots of visitors.

I think the real problem is there are just too many with more starting up each day. It just takes up so much time each day to visit the ones I like and read. If I commented at least once on each of them it would be almost a fulltime unpaid job!

As for your email address, there's one showing on front page near your piccie. If you want a Gmail address let me know; it leaves Hotmail for dead.

Gotta to have some caffeine as I not entirely sure all the above was coherent. (Also this is the longest comment I have left anywhere for sometime now - so there!)

At 22/3/05 8:16 am, Anonymous Stu said...

Hey QP,

You're a lifeline to normally back in Australia for this cold little expatriate, so keep it up.

Plus, it makes a great weekly read in my boring-than-thou Human Resources Management class!

At 22/3/05 12:54 pm, Blogger Zoe said...

Love you Sam!

The reason I don't comment more often is that I read your site usually through a feed reader, and there's no direct comment link from the feed (which is the same on my feed). Should try and find out how to do it.

At 22/3/05 3:02 pm, Anonymous Miss Ember said...

Hey Samwise,
Don't cease in your queer penguiniferous commentary, 'tis one of the few stimulating moments of my working/sick day. I find that I don't often post due to busynesses of the working day (lame, I know). I'll treasure your bloggings all the more when I'm OS later this year, and I'll need something to read to remind me of home. Besides, by then I'll have my own blog and we can do bloggerly things together!

At 22/3/05 6:54 pm, Anonymous Philip Gomes said...

Hiya QP, allow me to get all serious and bloggy and tecchie for a minute.

The blog community is a broad church, you and I and all the other little bloggers belong to what is called the long tail. Look it up on Wikipedia.

"But where the Long Tail kicks in, minority tastes are catered to and individuals are offered greater choice. In situations where popularity is determined by the lowest common denominator, the Long Tail will thus lead to improvement in a society's level of culture"

So while you and I may not receive lots of hits or comments, the simple fact is that we add to the culture online, our influence is as important as that of the big bloggers, and oftentimes more so in determining the eventual direction of a culture.

And that's why I blogrolled you, what you say does count. So don't stop........



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