Tuesday, January 18, 2005

QueerPenguin's first waddle

Yellow! As a first-time blogger, inspired to create this blogging site less by a desire to see my name and words in lights than by boredom at work, I say hello.
I don't want to labour the introduction too much other than to say my name is Sam, aka QueerPenguin, and I am a twenty-something editor, writer, cult TV freak, cat person, bad cook, procrastinator, clubber, political observer (wank wank) and big fan of penguins. And as the other part of my name suggests, I'm also a big fan of other men. What can I say. They break my heart, annoy me, bore me, frustrate me, shit me to tears...but I still love 'em and still come back for more. And if you're one of those people who weeps over man-on-man (or woman-on-woman) action, lamenting the death of society, the family unit, the "bedrock institution" of marriage, yadda yadda yadda, you might want to stop reading this particular blog. It's not that you're not entitled to your free speech or point of view, it's just that it's more than likely I won't care what your particular POV is.
I am a proud left-leaning, chardonnary-sipping deviant homo living in the inner east Sydney ghetto with the rest of my brethren. I don't spend every weekend having sex with random encounters in nightclub toilets, I don't own every album Madonna has ever released, I'm not into school children and I don't want to have sex with your son (unless perhaps you're the mum of the guy who plays Gabrielle's toyboy in Desperate Housewives, one of my new fave cult TV shows. Woof. And yes, I realise he's a school boy in the show but the actor playing him is older than I am.) I am, however, a godless heathen (or humanist, to be kind) who is concerned with the rise of the Rancid Religious Right (or RRR), pained by our Prime Minister and the direction he has taken my country since 1996 and someone who has not forgotten about the republic, saying sorry, Bill Heffernan, Kyoto and marriage bans.
Anyway, I made a point not to labour the introduction so ciao bello for now. See you again soon.
Jan 17 2005


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